Crammers’ Collective: A Fresh Take On Improv

Improv or improvisation is a form of theatre where everything that is performed is unplanned and unscripted. From the words of an improviser, “The process of improv is by virtue, unpredictable. Unlike being able to fall back on a script, improvisers have to go on stage and be able to just go forth. Ultimately, it’s like banging rocks together; persist and persist until you create the spark that sets the scene on fire.” It is completely spontaneous and it is an absolute treat to watch. One of the up and coming improv groups here in Manila is Crammers’ Collective.

Crammers’ Collective is an all boy improv group consisting of twelve members whose ages range from 15-19. Their group consists of the youngest people in the improv scene.
They have been performing for a year now, having regular shows and even performing at the Manila Improv Festival where improv groups from around the world went to Manila to perform. They will be having another fun-filled show on May 27, 2017 at PARC Foundation, 8 pm onwards. 

When asked what they thought made them unique, they said that their youthfulness brings a certain view of the world, and their individual personalities and experiences all help to color the scene as it unfolds. I can attest to this, when you are with them you can feel their youth and their energy. It is explosive and the shows that they put on have never disappointed.

Now it’s not always easy for them, improv itself is a pretty challenging art form. Add that to the fact that they have to juggle all this with school as well.  However, we see how dedicated and passionate they are about this art form. Improv has helped them trust themselves more as it is a journey about being real. When it starts to get difficult, they go back to why they started doing this in the first place. With that in mind, and with them being there for each other, they create something beautiful and magical that the audience cannot help but enjoy.

Watching them perform is something else. One of them described it as bundles of varying play styles and beats all mingling into one symphonic cacophony. I don’t think I can describe it any other way. They are so different from one another, and yet they are able to create something so cohesive and entertaining all on the spot. They love to perform with others and for others, and watching their show is definitely something you will not regret. I can’t even put into words how entertaining their shows are.

Don’t take my word for it though, check them out yourself on May 27, 2017 at the PARC foundation for their show Aftershookt from 8 pm onwards. Tickets are priced at Php 250 and Php 200 for students, PWDs, and senior citizens. As an added bonus, they will also be performing with Singkit Improv, an all chinese-pinoy group.

Like their page Crammers’ Collective for more details about them and their next shows.
Check their show’s event page, Aftershookt, for more details about the show.


To get to know the Crammers’ Collective boys a bit more here are a few quotes to show how they describe themselves and Crammers’ Collective.

Pepi Dalmacion:
A classic example of the confused and frustrated teenager.”
“An improv soda mixed with youth and energy.”

Kevin Espiritu:
“Manhid at Sawi, makikita yun sa performances. Mature content.”
“Hyper-energetic group of people who never get tired”

Joaquin De Joya:
“Sinasabaw normally, but good sabaw. Cream of Mushroom. Yaaas.”
“Boombastic Fantastic…. a barkada but everyone sees us as the runts.”

Tonchi Mercado:
“resident nerd-dork supreme”
“crammers’ collective – the kpop boy band of manila improv”

Ian de Guzman:
“Crazy and unexpected packaged in tiny boxes that burst open at the worst (or best) of times”
“CraCo is bursting with the essence of a millennial youth. Or simply put, very childish but with certain hints of maturity beyond their ages.”

Rijo Mantaring:
“Rijo is just plain weird.”
“CraCo, I’d like to believe, is a group of crazy people wasting your time in the best way possible.”

Santino Bretaña:
“A collective of students filled with vibrance, energy, and enthusiasm, constantly bombarding the audience with reminders that they aren’t as young as they used to be.”

Jiaan Santos:
“‘I like Bananas no one will tell you otherwise’ – Jiaan Enrgy”
“Crazy bunch of high energy kids in search of the Golden Goat”

Now, aren’t you the least bit curious about these boys and the wondrous scenes they can create? I hope I see you on May 27, 2017 at 8 pm at the PARC Foundation for Aftershookt! Feel free to approach me and say hi if you see me there!



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