Old School Love

Personally, I’ve always been in love with fashion from the past. I’ve always dug around my mom’s old closet for pieces that I can use. The comeback of 90’s fashion started in 2015, stayed strong in 2016, and now it’s 2017, and we’re all still on the 90’s train. There’s just something about their carefree, grunge, street style that we cannot get enough of. The 90’s were all about self-expression, comfort, youthfulness, and being creative with your sense of style, and I think that’s just something that we all crave for now.

In the 90’s the no-fuss bed head look was definitely in, popularized by Kate Moss. Now in 2017, effortless loose curls just screams comfort and laid back. The 90’s was also a time of grunge fashion, and so the older your Converse shoes were, the better. These were always paired with tube socks of course. A decade later Converse shoes are still a staple in our outfits and tube socks have gotten an update with shorter lengths and cute, quirky prints.

This tank top was actually fished out from the recesses of my mom’s closet. The floral print of the tank top definitely helped with the vintage vibe of the outfit since floral print was all the rage in the 90’s and is still all the rage now. I decided to knot the tank top because that was another trend in the 90’s that I absolutely love. It can turn an ill-fitting top into one that fits just right. In the 90’s everyone’s midriffs were bared and now in 2017, that look has been updated and refined by showing only the upper part of the midriff, hiding the belly button. Although relatives of the bralette did show up in the 90’s, this trend is definitely a more modern take of the 90’s grunge aesthetic.

Chokers, berry lips, denim, all iconic pieces that embody the 90’s and have been brought back with a modern take. The red denim jacket is actually one of my dad’s old jackets. Oversized denim jackets is yet another 90’s trend that I absolutely adore. Oversized jackets just make me feel so homey and comfy. The denim skirt, another staple piece of the 90’s and today, gives off this youthful vibe. They’re also so easy to pair with any top, making it such an essential piece in your wardrobe. Chokers, and berry lips are the epitome of grunge 90’s fashion. I adore this gold choker because it is a lot softer and daintier compared to other chokers, perfect if you don’t want your look to be too heavy. Dark lippies are essentials as well, so make sure you find the perfect shade for you. I actually got both the choker and the lipstick from Your Fashion Point located near UST. They have all sorts of chokers, make up, and other trendy pieces so you absolutely must visit them.

I love looking through my mom’s closet because I’m always surprised how a lot of the pieces are still so trendy. This is just proof that fashion is just a circle, and classic pieces all eventually go back in style. So jump into your parents’ or your older siblings’ closets and fish out some really cool finds. Look through thrift stores and surprise yourself with trendy pieces for a good price.

More importantly though, the 90’s were all about having fun and being carefree. With the fashion trends, they were all just very youthful, unpretentious, and relaxed, so when you’re trying to achieve that 90’s aesthetic, make sure you have fun and stay comfy. Don’t forget that it’s all about self-expression and comfort, so go ahead and find the best way to stay true to yourself.

More photos here: Mitzi Jonelle 


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