School Girl Chic

As promised in my 2016: The Year of Realizing Stuff; 2017: The Year To Just Go For It post, I’m here to talk about my Makati shoot. I’ve always wanted to have an urban shoot that channeled the streets of New York City and what better place to do this than in Makati? 

We stayed around the area of Ayala Triangle and just walked around and kept our eyes open for good spots to shoot. Some spots weren’t obvious places to shoot, so make sure to keep an eye out and to be adventurous when shooting! I actually had to climb up to some pretty high places to get some of these shots. And of course, everyone was wondering why this crazy girl was doing this, but hey, it was worth it. So go ahead and just do it! If your gut tells you that that would be a nice place to shoot, do it even if people stare.

For my outfit, I was feeling nostalgic for my high school days in Makati so I decided to wear red and white, unofficial colors of my high school, Assumption College. I also chose the plaid pleated skirt to complete that school girl look. The red turtleneck and white denim jacket I think also helps give it that New York City vibe. I got the red turtleneck from Uniqlo and the skirt from H&M.

I wore white brogues from Mikka’s Closet to tie the outfit in with the white jacket, and I used my pink Aldo handbag to keep it fun but also sophisticated. I actually got the white denim jacket from a random thrift store that our car passed by somewhere in Taguig which just goes to show that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, and that you should always keep your eyes open for new finds.

And since we were already there, we decided to catch the Festival of Lights at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Capturing these were a bit trickier since it was so dark. To combat the darkness however, we used our phone’s built-in flashlight. So be sure to try that out when you’re having trouble shooting in dark places! If you can’t find the light, be resourceful and bring your own!

Being back in Makati definitely helped me reminisce about my days in high school. It felt good to be back in a place where I learned so much and that has built so much of my character. It felt good to be back in a place I consider home. Since my college life is nearing its end, and that means so is my life of studying, I really just wanted to reconnect with my roots. I think I’ll miss being a school girl but really though, I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning, so I guess in some way, I’ll always be a school girl.

More photos here: Mitzi Jonelle


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