The First Ever Le Grand Cirque Manila

Le Grand Cirque show has always piqued my  interest since I saw a commercial on TV a few months back. Last December 21, 2016,  Araneta Group invited me to watch the special December 24, 2016 show, and I immediately said yes. I had very high expectations especially since this is their first ever show in the Philippines. I can without a doubt say that I was not disappointed. If you want to see a few video clips check out my Facebook page Mitzi Jonelle.It was a 1:30 pm show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, so we made sure to leave early so we wouldn’t have any problems with traffic and parking. We were there early and started to feel hungry. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to eat at the Smart Araneta Coliseum so we decided to have a quick-lunch before going in.

The seats were comfortable, and the place was cool despite the number of people watching. However, I do recommend to bring a jacket or a scarf just in case it gets too chilly for you. We were fortunate enough to have received VIP tickets and so we had a really good view of the entire show and with the great venue, there was nothing to distract us from the show.

When the show finally started at 2:00 pm, it started with a bang. The acts were all so different and yet so entertaining. There were acts so dangerous that they literally kept me on the edge of my seat. It takes a great athlete to achieve these feats.

There were spellbinding balancing acts that left me speechless. I mean, I can barely balance my life, how are they balancing several bowls on sticks while on someone else’s shoulders? All jokes aside though, they were absolutely incredible.

There were unbelievable contortionists that left me in awe of how a human body could ever possibly reach positions like that.

My personal favorites were the amazing  death-defying aerialists. They performed with such grace and poise while being incredibly fierce as well. Watching them was hypnotizing. This aerialist was so sensual and classy as she flew across the stage.

I thought that after the first aerialist came out, the next aerialists would more or less have the same routine and so it would be a bit boring, but I was so wrong. The next aerialist was so different from the first, and yet just as amazing as she swung and performed extraordinary stunts.

This act was incredibly captivating. The unique use of the metal cube provided an out of the box performance. The two aerialists were so in synch that it looked like we were watching one aerialist and a reflection.

There were hoop divers, wall walkers, fire dancers, and so much more. With each act so different, and yet just as amazing as the next one. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the stage because each part is just so entertaining.

During the breaks in between the acts, there was this one guy who would entertain the crowd. He was so funny and everyone loved him. He would ask the audience to participate and would actually bring them up on stage! These people are definitely top-notch performers that know how to entertain a crowd.

Watching the show with us were people of different ages. There were seniors, adults, teens, and children. Le Grand Cirque lived up to their tag line of being a family Christmas show because the show is definitely a show that people of all ages would enjoy. Surprisingly, the kids behaved throughout the show. This is probably because the show is so entertaining that even little kids with short attention spans can enjoy it.

Le Grand Cirque captivated me and left me in awe. It brought back that sense of wonder that I used to experience when watching circus shows as a child. It is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your family.

So what are you waiting for? Catch Le Grand Cirque, the greatest show in town, for the very first time at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! The show runs from December 25, 2016 – January 3, 2017. Ticket prices range from Php 150 for Gen Ad, to Php 1,500 for VIP tickets. Buy your tickets now at!

Still not convinced? Check out some videos at Mitzi Jonelle!


2 thoughts on “The First Ever Le Grand Cirque Manila

  1. Rio says:

    Hi, I plan to attend the last show tomorrow, January 3. I just want to ask about the audience. Is there a lot people? Did you have to fall in line ahead of time and at what time was the gate opened and audience were allowed to stay before the show? I wanted to budget my time before going.

    I can tell you were entertained indeed and I’m getting excited already. Were cameras allowed?


    • mitzijonelle says:

      Yes there were a lot of people! But we had no problems with the lines but that may be because this was a special show. It would be best to be there at least an hour before the show! We were advised that SLRs would be surrendered after the first act so I didn’t bring mine and used my phone instead. However, I noticed the people beside me used an SLR but after the first act he stopped using it as well, so I’m not so sure if he stopped because it was no longer allowed or if he just chose to stop taking pictures. I hope this helps!


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