9 cold weather trends to try in a tropical country

It’s November and the  weather is finally cooling down in the Philippines! This is good news for all us fashion lovers out there. We can finally start layering clothes without ending up in a sweaty mess! As seasons come and go, so do fashion trends. I tried out a few trends for the colder season that could still be worn despite living in a tropical country and I absolutely loved the results! Make sure to try out some of the looks as well and tag me on instagram or twitter so I can see them!

Trend 1: Dusty pink and yellow, and shades of tan

This season’s colors according to the top fashion designers are pink and yellow in their muted shades. I am absolutely in love with this faded shade of pink. I actually did not expect this combination of colors to work at first. When I tried on my clothes however, I was surprised to see that they complemented each other quite well. The pink top, yellow skirt and scarf, and brown belt gave my look an earthy feel. I feel as if the bright colors are a welcome contrast to the darker hues we usually see during the colder season of the year. Make sure to give this combination a shot and keep a look out for these colors when you’re deciding what to wear.

Trend 2: Turtlenecks under short dresses
Trend 3: School girl jumpers

However, if you’re in a hurry and a bit iffy with trying out new colors, feel free to look chic and classy in neutral colors! In this look I decided to stick to the basics and wore a gray turtleneck under a black jumper. Turtlenecks under short dresses and what some call school girl jumpers have been season favorites. I decided to combine these two trends and I absolutely loved the result. I felt so cozy, but also very chic. I am so glad the weather finally cooled down enough so I could comfortably try out this look. Cold season or not however, I think layering shirts under dresses , and jumpers are must-try looks that anyone could pull off! Just make sure to keep in mind the material of your clothing before you layer your clothes so as to remain comfortable the entire day.

Trend 4: Off-shoulder tops
Trend 5: Bishop Sleeves
Trend 6: Chokers

This season, off-shoulder tops continue to be on trend as they have been all year-round. So if it’s a bit warmer, this is a look you could definitely try out. Aside from being off-shoulder, this top also incorporates another trend for this season, the bishop sleeves. Bishop sleeves are sleeves that are loose and then fitted at the wrist. They provide a comfy way to stay warm when the weather outside is cool enough to wear long sleeves, but not enough to want to wear something that sticks to the skin. Another trend that has stayed on top throughout the year is wearing chokers! Several looks during New York Fashion Week made sure to incorporate different types and sizes of chokers in their looks.

Trend 7: Plaid Overcoats

Another trend that seems to come back every cold season is plaid. During New York Fashion Week, plaid was mostly used for overcoats. To make this trend more appropriate for Philippine weather, I decided to go with an oversized plaid button down polo. This is good for those who want to add a bit of spunk to their outfits. Don’t worry if plaid polos are usually associated with being basic or hipster. Remember that as long as you feel good and are confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll definitely look amazing.

Trend 8: Oversized jackets

This season, comfort is in style with oversized jackets! Here, I am wearing an oversized denim jacket. This is actually one of my favorite jackets because it’s so easy to pair with anything, and since it is oversized, it feels super comfy. I personally love wearing oversized outerwear because for some reason they remind me of hugs and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Trend 9: Bomber jackets

Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without bomber jackets! This trend has taken 2016, and the colder season by storm. Everyone is sporting bomber jackets with everything, from formal dresses to the classic shirt and jeans combo. Who wouldn’t blame them? They’re super comfy, soft, and chic! I always feel like I’m being hugged by marshmallows when wearing my bomber jacket, and I don’t ever have to worry about looking like a marshmallow! I just really can’t express enough how much of a classic piece a bomber jacket is. It may be a tad bit pricey, but if you find the right one for you, you’ll definitely agree with me that it is worth it! I actually got my jacket at a store that seems like their clothes are pricey yet their bomber jackets are cheaper compared to more popular stores and I find that it has better quality too. Comment below or hit me up on social media if you want to know what store it is!

When I got the idea for this post, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull off trends meant for countries with colder weather in the Philippines without sacrificing comfort. It fills me with joy that there are still trends that are applicable to tropical countries that are cooling down. These are of course just a few of this season’s trends, and as trends are, you are not obliged to follow them just because they are popular. If you are the type of person who sweats a lot or has to walk around, it may not be advisable to wear turtlenecks, so feel free to switch up some pieces with shirts instead. Make sure to still keep your personal style and comfort as a priority when dressing up.

However, also make sure to mix it up once in a while, even by just taking small risks and small steps out of your comfort zone. If you are usually wearing tank tops and cropped tops, and you want to change it up a bit, try putting those clothes away for some time so that you won’t be tempted to play it safe and wear those instead.

By putting these clothes away, you’re also decluttering your wardrobe, making dressing up easier and more convenient. Personally, I decided to put the clothes that I don’t want to wear this season in a box and I tuck it away safely under my bed. However, if you are living in these locations, you should go ahead and check out MakeSpace!

MakeSpace is a new service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff, and stores it. Through the use of their app you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage whenever!!! It’s kind of like having a second closet, or even a personal assistant that brings you your stuff at a snap of your fingers.

I am absolutely in love with this idea and I have always wanted a second closet to store away the clothes I no longer use as much, but don’t want to give away. Hopefully, they expand to the Philippines soon. In the mean time, those of you who do have it available in their locations, make sure to check them out now! If you have any questions, feel free to comment!


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