5 Ways To Have Summer Even When It’s Not Summer

For many, summer has become synonymous to fun, happiness, rest, a sanity break, and more. With the recent academic calendar shift here in the Philippines, some students may be finding themselves faced with a certain dilemma. Now that the break is finally here, summer is gone. What now? Are we doomed to a break of staying indoors and not having fun? Is it time to say good bye to the fun, happy days of summer? Not yet. Here are 5 ways to attain that blissful state of summer even when it’s not summer.

  1. Plan ahead
    If you really want that beach trip to push through, plan ahead. Check weather reports online and schedule your trip on a day with good weather. Luckily, the Philippines is a tropical country so there are still sunny days despite the rainy season. It may be a bit harder to plan your beach trip, but look at the positive side. There are usually less people going to the beach during this time, some swimsuits are starting to go on sale, and some places have lower rates since it isn’t peak season.
  2. Spend time with loved ones
    Summer is usually the time when you get to hang out and relax with your friends and family. Don’t let the weather stop you from doing this. There are a lot of activities that you can do even during the rainy season. You could have a movie day at home with your family, a spa day with your friends, spend time at the mall, or simply  just catch up with the friends you’ve lost touch with because of your busy schedule.


  3. Rest
    The school year is finally over. It is time for you to rest. Catch up on all the sleep you lost and really just get a good night’s sleep. You deserve this. Before you go on all the adventures you plan on going on, you need to recharge. This will not only prepare your body for all those adventures, it will also put you in a happier mood.


  4. Do what you enjoy
    Don’t let the weather dictate what adventure you will go on this break. Whether it be reading the book you’ve always wanted to read, or going to that place you’ve always wanted to go to. Make a to-do list of things you want to do and accomplish those things. Don’t worry if you don’t get to check off all the items on your list, just take your time and enjoy yourself.
  5. Be happy
    Don’t let the weather bring you down. You can still have that summer state of mind where you look forward to what the day will bring you. Focus on your blessings. This may not be the easiest thing to do, but with practice you’ll be surprised how easily you can look at the bright side. I find that listing things down as I see them then reading the list at the end of the day helps me with this. Find something to look forward to each day of your life.

    Now what are you still doing here? Go on that adventure you’ve always wanted to go on! Summer is waiting for you.

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