Exploring Art: BGC

Bonifacio Global City Highstreet is filled with picturesque spots. The place is beautiful and surrounded with trees and art installations. When going exploring make sure you dress comfortably and weather appropriate. Wear comfy shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. As for me, I went with sneakers. I always make sure an outfit is convertible. By that, I mean I should be able to adjust my outfit according to weather so that I am still comfortable.This one day dreaming guy called “Sweet Dreams” by The Mighty Bhutens is located at  C3, Bonifacio High Street, 7th Ave.
I love the colors of this piece and it’s laid-back vibe. It’s a good reminder to take a rest from our busy lives to just relax and daydream.

Time to hunt for graffiti in the city. Be prepared to walk far and to keep your eyes open. Some murals were easier to find than others, some you’ll probably not even notice. A lot of the murals we found weren’t even on the list we were following. After the trip, I did some research and found out that we missed a lot of the other beautiful pieces, so I’ll definitely be going back for that.

The kid and the tiger mural by Nate Frizzel is found by the back entrance of Fully Booked, at Bonifacio High Street, Lane O. While the boy and the bear titled “We Are What We Pretend To Be”, also by Nate Frizzel is found at the corner of 7th Ave. and Lane O, near the store ROX. In an interview with the artist, he mentioned that this piece is about our different personas. It is about the different ways we act around different groups of people. How we are all of these and none of these, a revolving collection of faces; of masks.
He also mentioned that he chooses to draw realistic kids and their graffiti paintings because he wants to connect and make people feel something. He believes that the innocent and fun spirit of kids are relatable and easier to connect with.

The astronaut mural titled “Between The Lines” by one of two artists of Cyrcle can be found at the corner of 25th St and 7th Ave, behind Icon Plaza. In an interview with the artist, he mentions how this piece is really an exploration for them as artists into belief systems and the idea of what people believe and what people find faith in. It’s science and religion and everything in between. They have this saying that says, science could never disprove God and religion could never prove God. The piece is asking what it all means. They find that this idea is best expressed by an astronaut.

Right now, I am exploring myself. I want to get to know myself more. I need to know who I really am, if I really am the mask I put on for others. I need to figure out and explore my passion, my dreams, my reason for being here. The pursuit of myself will never stop because I will continue to grow. I will continue to find parts of myself that I do not know yet. As human beings, we constantly explore. We explore our surroundings, ourselves, ideas like religion and science, the meaning of life. It is something we will never stop doing. We will constantly pursue knowledge.


The Owl mural by Bunnie Reiss can be found at the B1 High Street parking, along Lane O. Reiss’ style is heavily influenced by eastern-european folkart. She mentioned how it’s all about fairy tales, magic, and nature. Her roots, her culture, her family, these were her major inspirations for the piece.
The flowers with eyes by trip63 is at the B2 High Street parking, along Lane O. This piece was inspired by the artist’s view of himself being a wallflower.
The piece that says “May you find comfort here” was made by a group called KFK, it can be found across Reiss’ owl mural at the B1 High Street parking, at the back of Bo’s and Roadhouse, along Lane O.

These three pieces all somehow talk about comfort zones. Being a wallflower is a comfort zone, relying on your family is also a comfort zone. This proves that going out of your comfort zone, growing, and learning outside of your comfort zone does not necessarily mean that you forget your comfort zone, but rather, use it as your inspiration. Yes, nothing grows in the comfort zone, but something can grow out of it.

This next mural entitled “Wonderland” by Faile can be found at the One Global Place, 26th street corner 5th ave. Faile focuses on visual imagery and blurring the lines between high and low culture through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage.

These two styles seem so different from one another that you would never think of using them together. When someone does use them together, it ends up looking great. Art is like that, there are no rules to follow, there is no right or wrong, it’s just a way of expressing yourself. Art is a mix of different things, society is a mix of different things. We are influenced by so many different cultures, we are never just one thing, one stereotype, and that is beautiful.

This piece is probably my favorite piece. It’s one part of the four part mural entitled “Mother Nature: Four Seasons” by Dee Jae Pa’este, you can find it behind C1, Bonifacio High Street, 28th Ave. Pa’este’s style is influenced by different cultures and tribal lore where women represent spiritual figures or goddesses, like Mother Nature.

All my favorite colors are in this piece, but that’s not the reason why it’s my favorite. I find it so striking. For me, it portrays this strong woman who is in charge and also has found peace and true joy. In today’s society, it is so hard to find peace with all the ambitions and anxieties we have. I find that it is harder even to find true joy, not just fleeting happiness, but joy in our hearts. The kind  of joy that stays with you even at 2 am in the morning, when you’re all alone with your thoughts. This is the kind of peace and joy that I want, and this is what this woman represents for me. It is possible to tame your wolves. It is possible to find peace with them and turn them into something beautiful, no, beautiful is too light a term, into something magnificent. I believe I will find this peace, this joy. I will turn my wolves into something magnificent.


5 thoughts on “Exploring Art: BGC

  1. Carmela says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement that it’s hard to find peace in this society we are living today. But we will have them, maybe not now or sooner. We will obtain the happiness we crave and deserve 🙂

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