Bloggers United 2016


I went to Bloggers United 11 last May 28, 2016 at Green Sun, Makati. I was so excited for this bloggers bazaar that featured the country’s top fashion and beauty bloggers. It was a good way to celebrate the end of my school year. I got to shop, meet new bloggers, and meet some of my favorite bloggers. There were so many things that I loved about Bloggers United.

For the event, I decided to dress comfortably and in something that I could move around in easily since I would be shopping. I made sure that if the temperature was too hot, I’d be able to stay comfortable. So I decided to wear a peach tank top and flowy floral shorts since I wanted to feel light and I didn’t want a lot of fabric sticking to me because of the humid weather here in the Philippines. I wore an olive green dress shirt (or polo) since the venue would be air-conditioned. This way if the temperature got too hot, I could always just take off the dress shirt.

One of the best parts about Bloggers United, was of course the shopping. There’s really just something about shopping that makes me so happy. It’s like I can carry these really heavy bags and walk for so long without getting tired, as long as I’m shopping. Shopping in bazaars like these, spark this competitiveness within me, especially when there are a lot of people. It doesn’t give me the chance to look at something then think about it first, because someone else could pick it up at any time.

When shopping in bazaars, it’s always good to know what your size is since there’s usually no way to try the clothes on before buying them. If you’re not sure with your size though, it’s good to stick to fabrics that stretch, or to get clothes that you think could be big for you. If what you bought is too big for you, you can always have it altered, while clothes that are too small may be a little harder to alter. Before going to the event, I made sure to set a budget for myself, and to remind myself to only the things I absolutely love. I made sure to this since I have the tendency to splurge, panic shop, and overspend, which I usually regret later on.

I got a brand new denim jumpsuit from Freshgear, a maroon foam skater skirt from fab, a denim corset top from Mysticprincess, a black polkadot maxi dress from acacia avenue, and a white crop bikini from Cesa Le Prene all for just Php 1,320! My favorites would definitely be the maxi dress and the swimsuit. I love how well the dress fits me and how it flows, and how the swimsuit is so unique and compliments my body, plus I love how clean the color white is.

I absolutely loved getting to meet so many successful bloggers. It just goes to show that anything is possible, because if they can do it, so can we. I loved all their outfits of course, they all looked so fabulous. Some of the amazing bloggers that I met were Vina Guerrero, King Tongol, Janeena Chan, Chin Chin Obcena, Miko Carreon, Yuki Tansengco, and Lissa Kahayon.

Everyone was so nice and friendly, not just the well-known bloggers, but also a few other newbie bloggers that we became friends with. I love how the blogging community is just so supportive and positive. Everyone is so ready to take a picture of you, to compliment you, to encourage you, and to support you with your blog. It was so touching to see how they’ve built friendships with another and how they have this support system that all came from blogging, since most of them didn’t meet each other until they started blogging. It was also really inspiring to see these successful bloggers and all the lives they’ve touched and influenced. That’s why I want to be a blogger, that’s why I do this. I want to have an impact on others’ lives, I want to touch people and influence people. I want to be someone’s inspiration.



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