Blogapalooza 2016: Horizons: Charting the Uncharted


I attended Blogapalooza’s Horizons last May 21, 2016 at Centris Elements. This was my first blogger event and I was so excited. I spent a lot of time figuring out what to wear (check out my outfit details here), what to bring, and what to say when interacting with the different businesses and bloggers. I made sure that the first impression I was making  was a good one, but still true to myself.

When I got there, the place was full of different businesses like Gold Stack, Cocio, Hey Kuya!, Blue Water day spa, Skin Station, Victoria Court, Megawatt, Arla and more. Each booth had a fun interesting game where you could get freebies. I enjoyed the games and got a lot of freebies in the process. I especially love the cheesy spread of Arla and the chocolate milk of Cocio. I’m so intrigued by Hey Kuya! which provides service as a personal assistant for free!

There were also talks through out the day and surprise visitors like actor, Christian Bautista, and Bb. Pilipinas- International (Ms. Philippines- International) 2014, Bianca Guidotti. The talks were so interesting and informative. They helped me learn more about the blogging industry and how to maximize blogging. The talks helped me learn more about branding and what brand I want to have as a blogger

One question that stuck with me was “What is your purpose for blogging?”. I’ve been thinking about it the past few days, and I’m still not sure if I’m satisfied with my answer. I think my purpose for blogging is to have a place to voice out my opinions where they could influence more people. I want to help others and show them that it is possible to achieve your dreams even if they seem impossible.

Blogapalooza brings me one step closer to my dreams. It exposed me even more to the blogging world. It’s a great way, especially for newbie bloggers, to get to know the industry more and to just expose yourself to the culture of blogging. I met several other bloggers, and everyone was so nice and so supportive. We added each other on Facebook, and followed each other on IG and Twitter, and every time I have a new post, they’re one of the first ones to like and comment. It’s really important to have a blogging support system, and blogapalooza is a great way to make blogger friends. I hope I see you next year!

Special thanks to Patrick of for all the pictures! Check out his amazing photography!


5 thoughts on “Blogapalooza 2016: Horizons: Charting the Uncharted

  1. yogoandcream says:

    I love your style for the Blogapalooza ❤ Anyway, just want to share with you that I've heard from our friends that there will still be another Blogapalooza around November last year. It's definitely going to be bigger than Blogapalooza Horizons like last year (it was held in One Esplanade). Hope to see you again there! – Me-An Clemente


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