Style Divergent


I attended  Blogapalooza 2016 last May 21, and I was so excited. It was my first blogger event, and of course, I had no idea what to wear. What we wear is very important, especially in events like these. It can represent who you are as a person, your branding, and can influence people’s first impressions of you. 

I ended up wearing a white floral choker, white daisy earrings, a denim jacket, a white ribbed crop top, and a slitted black maxi skirt. My entire outfit, except for my jacket was black and white. I love these pieces because I can pair them up with almost anything and it could look good. The choker and the denim jacket gives, an otherwise classy chic look, some edge. Since my accessories are floral, it also brings a slight coachella feel to the outfit.

Before I got to this decision I spent, what felt like hours, but were really only a couple of minutes, thinking of what style represents me the most, I started thinking. Here I was, trying to figure out what style best describes me, but I realized I don’t fit into one style. I am style divergent.

Your style will continue to grow as you grow. Don’t worry if you’re still figuring out what you think represents you the most. As long as what you’re wearing makes you feel good, and makes you happy, then go ahead and wear it! If you feel good, you’ll surely look good!

Thank you to the best photographer out there! Check out his game available for android here: Contain


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