Modelo Primero

Modeling has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. This dream probably stemmed from my mom being a model when she was a teenager. She would tell me stories about her modeling days, how fun fashion shows were, and how she even got to keep some of the clothes and shoes she modeled. She also joined Bb. Pilipinas (Ms. Philippines), and got into the top 20. She was also in several TV commercials when she was younger.

When I was younger, I was very outgoing and confident. I lost this when I went into high school, and so I never found the confidence and motivation to further pursue modeling. Then one summer, my mom decided to enroll me in a modeling and personality development workshop.

Modelo Primero started it all for me. I learned what my best angles are, proper runway walks, how to dress your best, how to make a good impression in the fashion industry, and I got to participate in a fashion show and experience auditioning for commercials, also known as a VTR. More important than all of these, I gained back my self-confidence. I really started to believe in myself, and in my dream of becoming a model. I also made a ton of really good friends, people who are so supportive and positive.

We were trained by none other than Ma’am Carmela Serrano-Ducut, a talent agent and a former fashion model. She did several runway shows for various local fashion designers, posed as a model for several Manila-based photo studios, appeared in TV commercials, and had cameo roles in Tagalog movies. Ma’am Carmela has always been so supportive of us, keeping in touch with us, and still offering us opportunities to model even long after we enrolled in the modeling workshop.

Here are a few shots of the beautiful Ma’am Carmela from her modeling days

Here is the itinerary of the workshop:
Day 1 – Visual Poise II
Day 2 – Posture and Catwalk
Day 3 – Make-up and Power Dressing
Day 4 – Photo Shoot and Posing Techniques (with guest professional photographer)
Day 5 – Social Graces and Everyday Etiquette
Day 6 – Auditioning for a TV Commercial (VTR Included)
Day 7 – Fitness and Wellness (with guest aerobics instructress)
Day 8 – Runway Modeling: Choreography and Blocking
Day 9 – Fashion Show and Awarding of Certificates

The Modelo Primero workshop is worth every penny. There are benefits long after you’ve enrolled, and you get to meet people in the industry which is so important. I looked forward to each session, and enjoyed myself so much. I know I’ve said this already, but I absolutely love how Modelo Primero has helped me gain back my confidence and helped me believe in myself.

Contact Modelo Primero here:
Instagram: modelo primero

Here are a few shots I had when I enrolled:

I hope you agree with me when I say I’ve grown a lot in terms of modeling since then.
Here are some recent shots I’ve done:




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