You Know

You’re looking down, standing in front of a girl
You’re afraid to look up, but you do anyway
In her eyes, you see sadness, and defeat
She looks afraid to be there, but she stays anyway
She smiles, trying to cover up the sadness
But you know;

All you want is to make her happy
You smile your biggest smile
You tell her everything’s going to be okay
She smiles her biggest smile
and says everything’s going to be okay
But you know;

You know
You’re the only one who can see past her smile
The only one who sees the pain in her eyes
So you keep trying to make her happy
And for one short moment, she believes it
You walk away from the mirror, thinking that’ll do for today;


6 thoughts on “You Know

    • mitzijonelle says:

      Thank you so much 💞 I was really scared of posting this actually because I wasn’t sure if it was good. I’m sure you can write something like this too! And sure, I’d love to 🙂


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