Ever have those days when you’re feeling lazy, but still want to look fab? Days where you just want to dress down and go to school (or wherever it is you’re going to) in pajamas, but you can’t? I’ve had days like that.

When I wore this outfit, I honestly wanted to wear a really loose shirt, shorts and sneakers. Sadly, I couldn’t do this because I had somewhere to go after class. So I did the next best thing, I pulled off a “Model Off Duty” look.

The Model Off Duty look can involve several different pieces. These pieces are usually pieces that are comfortable, yet stylish. The easiest way to find the right pieces is to stick to the basics.

I decided to wear a loose and comfy dress shirt, cut off shorts, heels, and a denim jacket.

The Model-Off-Duty look usually consists of a jacket. It could be a leather jacket, for places with cooler weather, a light cardigan, for warmer weather, a blazer, if you’re feeling dressier than usual. I decided to go with a denim jacket because it is light enough that I can wear it despite the warm weather, and it is enough to keep me warm in my class and at the movie theater. In my opinion, a denim jacket should be a staple in your wardrobe. You could wear it with a shirt and shorts, and the outfit is stepped up a notch. If you’re wearing a dress and it looks formal or too girly, you can wear a denim jacket and it gives you an edgier look.

With shoes, the Model-Off-Duty look varies from heels to boots to sneakers. I decided to wear heels only because I wanted to look fancier. I was able to do this because I only had one class and I knew I wouldn’t be walking that much. On a regular school day, I would have opted for my beloved and trusted sneakers.

The most important thing to keep in mind though when dressing up is to be you! Find your own style, one that you’re comfortable with and feel good in. Have the confidence of a model and make the world your runway!

Special thanks to my ever loving, supportive, and patient boyfriend for taking all these pictures and motivating me to keep blogging.

Download his app here: Contain


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