Dress to Express

It’s summer time in the Philippines and things are starting to heat up, which makes this the perfect time to wear a crop top. Although the weather has never actually stopped me from wearing what I want to wear before. Come to think of it, nothing has ever stopped me from wearing what I want to. Especially, not what society says. Girls and guys alike, be proud of your bodies, but know that it’s not all you have to offer. Let’s stop all forms of body shaming.

I’ve been asked before why I always dress up, and whom I’m dressing up for. I always say that I dress up for myself. The way I dress has become an extension of myself. It is a way for me to express myself. When I feel good in what I’m wearing, I feel better and I’m more confident. It’s like my secret weapon to face the day.

This outfit is what some of my friends may call a typical “Mitzi” outfit. I usually pair a crop top or a tank top with a high waist skirt then finish off the look with something to cover up in case I get cold. In this case, it’s the army green button down shirt. I usually wear muted colors, and this time I chose to work with a darker palette because I was in a rush when dressing up and you really can’t go wrong with black.

Anyone can pull off this look really. If you’re worried about not having the right body for it, which you really shouldn’t be worried about because you are beautiful, stop worrying. The upper abdomen is usually the most toned part of our body, so it’s an easy way to look fit. You could also wear an a-line skirt instead so that the curves of your body are more accentuated.

Really though, feel free to experiment and just find what style fits you the most. Find what style expresses your personality the most. Remember, you’re dressing up for yourself and no one else.


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